AENEAS and CATRENE Common Brokerage Event 2011

The AENEAS & CATRENE Common Brokerage Event, held on February 1 and 2, 2011 in Berlin, brought together the main actors of the European Nanoelectronics R&D Community to facilitate exchanges in order to generate ideas for proposals and to start consortia preparation.

166 participants joined the event from research institutes, SMEs and large companies all across Europe. Several associated organisations as well as PAs also showed their support and interest by being present. Altogether, approximately 75 project initiatives were identified and elaborated on.

The agenda was based on the document Vision Mission Strategy (VMS) for European Micro and nanoelectronics and also on the Annual Working Plan 2011  for ENIAC JU projects.
The elaboration of the VMS involved major industrial and research organisations in upcoming micro- and nanoelectronics in Europe. The document’s time horizon is of three to six years and encompasses the co-operative part of the research and development (R&D) within public-private partnerships. It is intended as strategic document for the two Europe-wide funding instruments in this field: CATRENE under the EUREKA framework and the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU).

Beginning with a brief introduction of the funding tools, the day continued with working sessions that focused on each of the sub-programmes to be addressed. During these working sessions, participants presented project ideas, a sketch of a desired consortium, and made a first outline of the relevance of the project.
The day was concluded with a panel consisting of the sub-programme owners and one or two representatives of the microelectronics industry. Sub-programme owners were asked to present a brief summary of their respective sessions.

 Table of Sub-programmes and owners




Knut Hufeld


Automotive and Transport

Gilles Casanova


Communication & Digital Lifestyles

Norbert Lehner


Energy Efficiency

Paul Merkus


Health and Ageing Society

Bernard Candaele


Safety and Security
Livio Baldi


Design Technologies
Michel Brillouët


Semiconductor Process and Integration
Rainer Pforr


Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing

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