Calls for proposals

The ENIAC Joint Undertaking supports R&D activities through open and competitive calls for proposals while ensuring with the independent evaluation and selection of proposals, allocation of public funding to selected proposals, and the funding of projects.

The calls are made public and are open to participants established in ENIAC JU Member States as well as in any other Member State or associated country.

Project proposals submitted in response to these calls must include at least 3 ENIAC JU Member States. 

  • Call 1 (ENIAC-2008),
  • Call 2 (ENIAC-2009),
  • Call 3 (ENIAC-2010),
  • Call 4 (ENIAC-2011-1),
  • Call 5 (ENIAC-2011-2),
  • Call 6 (ENIAC-2012-1), 
  • Call 7 (ENIAC-2012-2),
  • Call 8 (ENIAC-2013-1) and Call 9 (ENIAC-2013-2) are closed.