Voting Mechanism for Call 4 - PAB only



The projects proposals submitted in response to an ENIAC Joint Undertaking Call are selected for funding after executing a review by independent experts, according to criteria described in detail in the text of the call, followed by a decision of the Public Authorities Board establishing the final ranking of projects "above threshold” taking into account the synergy with the EU and national R&D and Innovation policies and activities as well as the overall coverage of the objectives of the Call. This document proposes a mechanism allowing the Public Authorities to quantify their assessment of synergy when applying the provisions of Art A.5 "Selection and decision to allocate public funding” of the Public Authority Board Decision ENIAC-PAB-04-08.



Quantifying the Synergy with the National R&D Policies


The proposed mechanism invites the ENIAC member State (EmS) to express quantitatively their assessment of the synergy with the country's R&D policies and activities for each project in which they participate by scoring it on a scale from 0 to 10:

– 10 : perfect synergy

– 5 : average synergy

– 0 : neutral value not disturbing the expert list

The score, expressed as a percentage and weighted according to the algorithms described below, shall be taken into account in establishing the final ranked list of the proposals "above threshold”.

It is important to note that the proposed mechanism is not intended and should not be used as a way of giving a bonus to all projects including participants from a specific EmS, but to differentiate among these projects the ones showing a higher level of synergy. To this effect, after determining the points resulting from weighting the score, the smallest amount of points among all projects from a particular EmS shall be detracted from the values calculated for all other projects in which that EmS participate. Only the remaining points, expressing the "differentiation”, shall be included in the final ranking.

The neutral value in the EmS voting is 0: this will not affect the order established by the experts.



Basic Principles of this Proposal

  1. The total synergy differentiation points shall be a fixed percentage of the total score. It is now set at 25%, but his percentage is adjustable and will be eventually scrutinized and possibly adjusted by the PAB before deciding whether to apply or not the mechanism proposed in this document.
  2. The contribution of the synergy differentiation points to the total points of any given project cannot exceed 50% (i.e., the synergy differentiation points cannot exceed the points awarded by the independent experts in any single project)
  3. EmS weight: an EmS with bigger contribution to the program should have more weight in the ranking
  4. Project weight in an EmS: an EmS should have a higher weight for projects requesting bigger part of its budget. As a consequence country with bigger participation in a given project will have more weight in the scoring of this project (4)


The Calculation of the Synergy Differentiation Points

  1. The EmS will have at their disposition 20 points per project
  2. EmS weight: each EmS shall have at its disposition a total number of points proportional with its commitments to the Call (this ratio also determined the voting rights of the EmS in the Public Authority Board)
  3. Project weight in an EmS: for each project, an EmS will have at its disposition a number of points calculated as a fraction of its total available points proportional to the budget requested for that project with respect to the budget requested for all projects in which EmS participates.

Additional normalization with the rate of oversubscription is being elaborated to avoid unequal treatment of the countries based on the oversubscription rate. This normalization will not change the rules for voting only the mechanics of result calculation.



Final Rating

• The total score of the "PROJECT X” is the sum of the rating by the experts plus the sum of all national synergy differentiation points

Total score











Points awarded

by the experts




Total synergy

differentiation points



• The total synergy differentiation points for PROJECT X is the sum of the differentiation points resulting from all EmS participating in PROJECT X


• The total number of points available to the Public Authorities from the EmS is 20 multiplied with the number of projects "above threshold”(N).


• The points awarded by an EmS participating in PROJECT X is calculated as a part of the total points available proportional to the score given by the EmS multiplied by the EmS weight and by the Project weight in the EmS

EmS synergy points



Score (%)

given by EmS



EmS voting rights




Requested funding from EmS in PROJECT X

Total requested funding from EmS in the Call







20 N

• The synergy differentiation points awarded by an EmS participating in PROJECT X is calculated by subtracting form the synergy points the minimum amount of points awarded to the projects in which that EmS participates:

EmS synergy

differentiation points




EmS synergy points




Minimum of all

EmS synergy points

to any project


• The projects above threshold are ranked in the descending order of their total score.