2007 events

EPoSS Annual Forum


Brussels 12 - 13 Dec 2007 
The 3rd EPISTEP Workshop

"Delivering the Future of Mobile Communications, Embedded Systems and Nano-Electronics"

Thessaloniki 7 Dec 2007 


Munich 6-7 Dec 2007 

Budapest 28 Nov 2007 
MEDEA+ Forum


Budapest 26-27 Nov 2007 
High Level Conference on Nanotechnologies


Braga 20-21 Nov 2007 
International Conference on Semiconductor Variability

The International Conference on Semiconductor Variability will bring together world experts from both Academia and Industry such as IMEC, STARC Japan, IBM Watson Centre, ARM and TSMC to provide conference delegates with an in-depth insight into the challenges that variability presents the Industry at sub 65nm nodes. 



London October 23 2007 
AENEAS General Assembly


Stuttgart October 9 2007 
Semicon Europa


Stuttgart October 9-11 2007 
Executive Summit at SEMICON


Stuttgart October 9 2007 
Nanoforum 2007
For more details, please visit the website:
Milan 18-19 Sept 2007 
SINANO Workshop


Munich 14 Sept 2007
ETP Leaders Seminar


Brussels 21 June 2007 


Leuven May 31 2007 
Conference of ITRS European IRC
Annecy Apr 25 2007 
Scientific Community Council
Brussels Apr 19 2007 

INC3 will provide a forum allowing all major nanoelectronics/nanotechnology research organisations & programs in Europe (EC, MEDEA+, national and regional) to present themselves to the global community.
Since the INC conference is held for the first time in Europe, the major European stakeholders in nanoelectronics will be prominently involved and present --- hence, the conference will offer ample networking opportunities.

With an anticipated international attendance of 300+ R&D directors & management from global companies, research organisations and universities involved in nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, and senior officers from public authorities, funding agencies and supporting organisations -- INC3 will again offer a forum for in-depth discussions on the future of international collaboration in nanotechnologies.

For a detailed program, information concerning registration and hotel reservation.please visit the website http://www.inc3.be

Should you wish to read the speech of the European Commissioner for Information and Society, Ms. Viviane Reding, please visit the website http://ec.europa.eu/commission_barroso/reding/docs/

Brussels Apr 16-19 2007
Nice Apr 16-20 2007 
European Nano Day
The "European Nano Day" will be held in Brussels on April 16: The *“European Nano Day”* is organized by ENIAC as a Pre-Conference Symposium in conjunction with the *Third International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC3)*.
It is held with the aim of informing the international community on European efforts in the fields of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, and will give an overview of selected initiatives in Europe.

The event, consisting of oral presentations and a poster session, will provide to the participants a representative overview of the European and national cooperative programs in the fields of Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology and also offers a unique networking opportunity for European stakeholders.

For the detailed program, please see under:http://www.inc3.be/Progr16apr.htm

Participation in the "European Nano Day" is free of charge, but registration is required (http://www.inc3.be/Registration.htm).
Early registration for INC3 ends on *23 March*.
Brussels Apr 16 2007 
Conference on Smart Systems Integration
Paris Mar 27-28 2007 
FP7 Nano/Micro Brokerage Event, March 21st, Dublin

The European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance (ENTA) and Enterprise Ireland
will provide an FP7 NanoMicro brokerage event on the 21st of March for
industrial and academic researchers seeking project opportunities and
partners. A total of EUR 3.5 billion has been earmarked for the NMP
Programme over the duration of FP7 and the ICT Programme budget is EUR
9.0 billion. There are also NanoMicro opportunities under other
programmes such as Health, Energy and Food.
The day will consist of presentations to 1) introduce Irish participants
into proposals; 2) link companies into FP7 proposals led by Irish
Presentations will be given by a variety of organizations including
Intel, Enterprise Ireland, NTERA, the Tyndall National Institute and
successful participants in FP6.
Project coordinators in the process of building a consortium are invited
to give short presentations and SMEs that have had success in FP6 or are
seeking FP7 funds are also encouraged to give presentations. Write to
Del Stark (del.stark@euronanotrade.com) to express your interest in
making a presentation. Project coordinators and company representatives
from outside Ireland, especially from the UK, are encouraged to attend.
A variety of projects are being developed including, but not limited to:
*    Designing materials and devices from the bottom up
*    Self assembly *    Nanotechnology upscaling *    Magnetic nanostructures *    Nanotech risk assessment *    Multifunctional mats for vehicles incl. sensors  
Attendance is free, however space is limited. Please register to attend
this event by using the registration form found at:
The event will take place on the 21st of March at the Enterprise Ireland
Conference Theatre (Glasnevin, Dublin 9) from 10.00 to 16.30

Del Stark, CEO European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance
Garscube Technology Complex Garscube Estate Bearsden Road Glasgow G61 1QH
ENTA offers an integrated programme aimed at promoting the benefits of
nanotechnology and mitigating regulatory and reputational risk for the whole
industry and supporting all actions that ensure new nanotechnologies are
developed in a safe and responsible manner.

In addition to the above, ENTA represents the interests of nanotechnology
businesses across Europe and acts to bridge the gap between industry,
governments, science, and importantly, the public in promoting the benefits
of nanotechnology.   Although nanotechnologies have been under development
for many years it is only relatively recently that the issues behind the
science have risen up the political and news agenda, obviously in differing
degrees across member states.  As such the coming months will be a vital
period in shaping the future development and application of
tel:   +44 (0) 141 330 2143
fax:  +44 (0) 141 330 2144
Dublin Mar 21 2007 
2nd Vienna Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology
Vienna Mar 14-16 2007 
Electronics Made in Europe - ICT Theme InfoDay

This upcoming event aims at bringing together researchers from across Europe, to discuss proposal ideas related specifically to the engineering and manufacturing issues of Challenge 3 of the 2007/08 ICT Theme.
Apart from providing information on the topics under Calls 1 and 2 and the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) initiative the meeting will also provide a platform for information exchange and the formation of R&D partnerships.

Please find attached a preliminary agenda, the registration form as well as a description on how to reach the venue.

For more information, please refer to: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/programme/challenge3_en.html_

Brussels Feb 26 2007
Launch of FP7
Berlin Feb 15 2007 
Launch of FP7
Brussels Feb 8-9 2007 
IET/ETP Workshop
London Feb 6-7 2007 
Paris Jan 24 2007 


Düsseldorf June 19-21 2007